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[atomic-announce] Fedora Atomic Two Week Release (Based on Fedora 24)

Hello all,
    On behalf of many various groups within the Fedora Project
including the Release Engineering and Tooling teams, Websites Team,
and Cloud Working Group I would like to announce the Fedora Atomic
Host Two Week Release now based on Fedora 24 and powered by an all new
Compose process and tooling, brand new AutoCloud, updates to the
website code, as well as updates to the release tool.

At this time the Fedora Atomic Host images are immediately available here:


Checksums here:

We collectively apologize for the lag time since the last Two Week
release, we realize it has been far longer than Two Weeks. That was
unfortunately the side effect of so many components within the process
to produce the images being retooled and then a break down in
coordination of some of cross-team pieces.

On behalf of everyone involved, my apologies to everyone who has been
impacted by the delay and we will continue to strive to do better in
the future.

Thank you,

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