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Re: [atomic-devel] Authentication/Roles Based Access Control with Docker API.

On 11/21/2014 10:59 AM, Jim Perrin wrote:

On 11/21/2014 09:29 AM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:
I have begun thinking about securing the docker socket, and I wanted to
open a discussion on this
to get other peoples ideas.

Docker currently uses group permissions to control who can connect to
the docker socket.
If you have the docker daemon listen on the network, then there is no
security.  The ability to talk
to the docker socket is the equivalent of giving the user root, which I
blogged about here.


I believe we need to start working on fixing this. First I would like to
see authentication fixed.
We need some mechanism to allow administrators to specify which users
are able to manage docker?
Then once you have this, you need to manage what they are allowed to do
once they are connected to
the daemon.

Can we have a read/only model, where a users or tool can just list the
running containers

docker ps, docker images, docker inspect ...

How do we control which users are able to start/stop docker containers?

Who is allowed to run/create a container on a specific image?

Who is allowed to execute a container using privileged commands?

What is a privileged command?

--privileged  --security-opt --cap-add --cap-remove --net , --ipc ...

Do we want fine grained control of these options?

How can we do this without making it hopelessly complex?

This probably goes against the 'hopelessly complex' part, but something
like the mysql or postgres authentication models would be interesting,
and would provide a method for granting users permissions to run various

e.g.  docker -u jperrin -P password  -H dockerhost run foo

When not just hook into the PAM subsystem? and then look for sysops defined group membership that allows certain operations?


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