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Re: [atomic-devel] [PATCH] manifest: Add 'file'

On 09/25/2014 04:47 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
> I like file and use it a lot. That being said I don't know if I should
> really have a say in the matter.

How are you picturing use here?

Would `file` be something that would be needed if you're deploying
containers in a typical environment?

> Another tool I use a lot is "which"... but where do we draw the line.
> It always gets hard when you are trying to make a minimal OS. That is
> why I think [1] will be an important feature to add sooner than later.

It's worth a discussion, but I would also wonder if that's something
that actually belongs in an Atomic Host vs. "I do docker image
development on my Fedora workstation"?



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