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Re: [atomic-devel] Friends don't let friends run Docker on loopback in production

On 04/15/2015 05:51 PM, Colin Walters wrote:

I've seen several people using Docker on loopback; this is the default if you use a mainline system + yum install Docker, as opposed to an Atomic host which uses https://github.com/projectatomic/fedora-productimg-atomic and https://github.com/projectatomic/docker-storage-setup

I submitted this:


However, I think we can do more here.

- Anaconda UI for reserving a thin pool

I'd rather reserve space (in root's VG) for docker-storage-setup creating thin pool, as in Atomic Host?

Some thoughts regarding installation:

Given the space for docker thinpool needs to be reserved during installation (because of not shrinkable root's xfs), we seem to be looking for an easily accessible installer option to say "I want to use docker with this installation"[1]. Which could be something like:

autopart --docker-pool

kickstart option, optionally with XGB or X% size setting. (Assuming the space on root's VG will be used.)

The option does not map trivially to GUI, perhaps it will require more fine-grained "Automatically configure partitioning" choice (similar to ks options?) or the "I want to use docker" being exposed elsewhere on its own (ie a checkbox below "Automatically configure partitioning"), mapping to autopart --with-docker-pool ks method internally .

What needs to happen when user wants to use docker (with thinpool) is:

1) reserve space for thinpool (on root's VG)
2) create thinpool
3) configure docker to use thin pool (/etc/sysconfig/docker-storage)

I think the current Atomic approach: 1) in anaconda, 2),3) in docker-storage-setup after reboot could be the way to go for the mainline system too. To make this happen automatically it would mean (if "I want to use docker") enabling d-s-s service in installer, and installer would also need to ensure the service is installed, and docker is installed (docker owns /etc/docker/docker-storage updated by d-s-s). But we could also just do 1) in installer and let user do following steps (install docker, docker-storage-setup and run d-s-s).

[1] Of course, we can also document kickstarts that would produce the same installation, plus some other scenarios, ie using VG on iscsi device for thinpool.


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