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[atomic-devel] Adding kubernetes 0.15 to Fedora 21 Atomic

Hey guys,

I work on an upstream OpenStack project called Magnum.  Our only supported operating system for k8s deployment at this time is Fedora Atomic 21.  Magnum recently went through incubation in the OpenStack ecosystem, so Magnum is a main feature of Openstack now.

Magnum presents an OpenStack API to Kubernetes an automatically deploys Atomic.  Kubernetes 0.15 introduced multiple namespaces for pods/rcs/services.  As such, we are going to be using this feature to integrate with our OpenStack multi-tenancy.  Because of the API incompatibility, it I essential we make this change soon in the Magnum code base.

Fedora 21 only has kubernetes 0.13 although I see in koji k8s 0.15 has been built for f23.  Is there any possibility of getting kubernetes 0.15 in fedora atomic 21 by May 5th?  If not, we will have to temporarily drop our documentation for fedora atomic and use fedora 21 instead.  This workaround would allow us to yum install the f23 image of kubernetes or use a copr repo.

I would really like to go into OpenStack Summit saying that Magnum is using a hot new container OS, rather then just straight Fedora so I am hopeful someone can make this work happen.


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