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[atomic-devel] Consiering a host UID/GID upgrade discontinuity (breaking CentOS7 Atomic and F22)

I posted before about uids/gids:


OSTree (like Docker) ships numeric uid/gids - the way I think of this, the binaries
have "fixated" on a particular name -> uid mapping.

 rpm-ostree grew infrastructure to ensure the fixation remains constant, we don't yet have
an equivalent for this for either
 - The Docker base image, which is built using Anaconda in ImageFactory in Koji;
   see https://github.com/rhinstaller/anaconda/pull/80#issuecomment-94834420
 - Dockerfiles invoking yum; It is however not too hard to populate /etc/passwd by hand
   similar to the above

Anyways on to the actual topic of this post - recently Ian McLeod did some work
to extract the metadata for a downstream rebuild for CentOS that has the
uids used in Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host:

I'd like to propose using these for both CentOS 7 Atomic and F22 Atomic Host.
It would break upgrades for CentOS, and F21 -> F22 - but since F22 isn't
released yet, it's better to do this now.

# Cleanly terminating the current CentOS release

I can do a special build of into the current branch which would do something like this:

$ atomic host upgrade
Checking for updates:
error: There are no more updates to this branch; see http://wiki.centos.org/SpecialInterestGroup/Atomic/UpgradeDiscontinuity

And basically the wiki would describe how you'd need to reinstall.

There are actually OSTree-level tricks we could do to avoid reinstallation,
but if things like the `ssh_keys` group changes it's a bit tricky.

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