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[atomic-devel] OSTree + Cockpit Next Step

Basic OSTree support is now in Cockpit 0.88. Thanks to everyone who
helped make this happen. Will send around a demo in the release notes.

Demo: https://youtu.be/Tmj0Nrkasmk

Card: https://trello.com/c/5j0gCd3d/26-0-88-basic-ostree-updates

The next step is to include cockpit-ostree into Fedora Atomic Host along
side cockpit-shell, cockpit-docker and friends.


Should I prepare a patch for this?

Future related work currently on the Cockpit Roadmap:

 * https://trello.com/c/dwa4LXWn/252-ostree-updates-rebasing
 * https://trello.com/c/MTVTSLAA/254-ostree-customize-repositories
 * https://trello.com/c/55YPqB6O/253-ostree-signatures-origins


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