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[atomic-devel] Atomic & GSoC via the CentOS Project

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We're collecting ideas (over the next 24 hours) for work that Google
Summer of Code students can do via the CentOS Project. In the past
I've had good success with doing work with GSoC students via the
Fedora Project where the work happens primarily in the upstream
project, as long as it lands back with the distro.  We think the same
can work for CentOS SIGs.

For the Atomic SIG we're looking for items that might be directly or
indirectly related to work needed in your SIG. It could be integration,
packaging, or any other code-related task.

Each idea needs to be associated with a mentor, but we can be flexible
about the final mentor assignment once we (hopefully) get accepted to
this year's GSoC.

You can see the template of what we need to fill out for each


Remember that these are tasks for e.g. computer science students, and
a part of the work for the mentor is simply getting the student able
to effectively contribute and collaborate in an open community. This
means you can take an idea you might do over two months and split it
in to 4 parts for 4 different students, etc.

Thanks - Karsten
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Karsten 'quaid' Wade        .^\          CentOS Doer of Stuff
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