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[atomic-devel] rpm-ostree v2015.6


I've released rpm-ostree v2015.6, available via this GPG signed git tag:
And will be building for both Fedora and the CentOS Atomic SIG build.

I realize I didn't mention v2015.5 here either, so I'll combine the two:

### Addition of a new introspectable shared library

This is the start of making it easier to consume rpm-ostree via
a higher level build system.  Currently, you can run rpm-ostree
as a subprocess, and then introspect the repository to perform
package-level diffs.  Future work here will be having the compose
process itself be an API entrypoint.

### Notable fixes

There's also a cosmetic, but very notable fix from
Dusty for the output of the version comparisons on upgrade/rollback.

### container: true

I'd also like to call out Alex's very small change to add a new
"container: true" flag for the treefile.  This makes it possible to use
rpm-ostree to make trees without kernels, i.e. containers.  At
the moment, we're not providing higher level tools here, but
basically you can ostree --repo=repo checkout somecontainer /path/to/tree
to get a copy of the data out, and use whatever you want, like systemd-nspawn or linux-user-chroot.  Be sure to
mount the target read-only, or run as non-root to avoid processes
corrupting the hardlinks.

### Full shortlog

$ git shortlog v2015.4..v2015.6 
Alexander Larsson (3):
      Support container: true in treefile
      Add docs for container=true
      Merge pull request #148 from alexlarsson/container

Colin Walters (33):
      Add a public shared library, with "rpm -qa" for commit functionality
      doc: Add gtk-doc for new library
      build: Use -fvisibility=hidden and explicit exports
      Merge pull request #130 from cgwalters/lib
      lib: Add RpmOstreePackage
      build: Update libglnx to get latest progress API changes
      libpriv: Adjust internal package diff API to be fd-relative
      Link lib/ against libpriv/, use it to share sack loading function
      db: Refactor internal helpers in preparation for diff API
      lib: Add diff API
      Move diff printing code into client
      libpriv: Move rpm/hawkey util functions into -rpm-util
      db: Remove `query` argument, rename to query_all()
      db: Remove `query` parameter to diff
      Release 2015.5
      postprocess: Handle Fedora rawhide kernel installation
      (cleanup): Move the refsack and root loading code into libpriv
      libpriv: Split out an internal API to get a tempdir with just the rpmdb
      Drop root arguments from internal rpmdb API
      db: Remove --rpmdbdir option
      db: Make RpmRevisionData an opaque struct
      db: Create var/lib/rpm -> ../../usr/share/rpm in tempdir
      db: Use internal rpmdb-in-tempdir API
      libpriv: Further centralize (commit | root) -> (sack | rpmdb) code
      Prefer `rpmostree_` for internal API over `_rpm_ostree`
      libpriv: Add RpmOstreeRefTs and API to create one from a commit
      libpriv: Teach RpmRevisionData to use new RefTs API
      libpriv: Fix memory leak
      libpriv: Introduce an rpmostree_mkdtemp()
      compose: Make use of hif_source_set_required()
      Merge pull request #150 from cgwalters/hif-fatal-source-unavail
      compose: Disable yumdb by default
      Release 2015.6

Dusty Mabe (1):
      Fix version number output on upgrade/rollback.

Giuseppe Scrivano (8):
      tests/test-basic.sh: run only as part of installed tests
      tests: add a check if tests requiring it are run by root
      make check: add note to run installed tests
      tests: Add test for compose
      do not crash when no selinux tag is present
      compose: honor --proxy again
      Makefile-tests.am: clean generated files
      postprocess: do not hardcode /etc/machine-id

Jason Brooks (1):
      remove erroneous rpm-ostree equals /usr/bin/atomic reference

Matthew Barnes (10):
      Merge pull request #132 from swordphilic/docsfix
      Merge pull request #133 from swordphilic/docstypofix
      Merge pull request #134 from swordphilic/docscodequote
      upgrade: Print any GPG signatures while upgrading
      status: Print any GPG signatures for deployments
      lib: Add rpm_ostree_package_cmp()
      Merge pull request #144 from mbarnes/package-cmp
      build: Update libglnx to get autocleanup backports
      Merge pull request #151 from jasonbrooks/master
      Merge pull request #154 from dustymabe/dustybugfix

Navid Shaikh (3):
      Fixed typo in doc/background.md
      Adds quotes for atomic commands in doc/administrator-handbook.md
      Fixes minor typo in doc/compose-server.md

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