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[atomic-devel] docker-storage-setup 0.5

There's a new release of docker-storage-setup available via
this GPG signed git tag:


The changes are listed here:


I'll build this into Fedora rawhide today, and I'd like to update the stable stream
after it's gotten some testing.

Release notes reproduced below for convenience:


This release has many changes contributed primarily by Vivek Goyal.
Docker pool just uses 60%, and will auto-grow using LVM

    docker-storage-setup: Reserve 60% of free space for data volume
    docker-storage-setup: Enable automatic pool extension using lvm facilities
    docker-storage-setup: Do not grow data volumes upon restart

These three changes mean that storage is now more dynamic in a more reliable fashion.

Previously, the pool would use all configured space, which meant things like Docker volumes or regular host storage would be limited to the OS default (for Project Atomic, 3G). With this change, the root LV can be grown by the system administrator dynamically.

The growing of the Docker pool is now managed by LVM dynamically, and will not be automatically resized whenever d-s-s runs (normally once on boot).
Growpart logic reworked

In cloud environments, a "growpart" logic is common where the partition table is changed on first boot with extra storage provided by the hypervisor.

However, one essentially never wants to do this with real physical disks.

The growpart logic is disabled by default, and virtualization images should be tweaked to turn it on. For example, the Fedora spin-kickstarts git module has a kickstart file with a %post that would be an appropriate place.
Performance optimizations

    docker-storage-setup: Skip block zeroing in thin pool
    docker-storage-setup: Use chunk size 512K by default

Will make Docker devicemapper usage faster.

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