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Re: [atomic-devel] Fedora && cloud-init

I believe your cloud-init config isn't set up correctly?

Try and use an example like the one I've posted on my blog: http://www.jinkit.com/openstack-magnum-devstack-deployment/

The main portion to use is:

      - ssh-rsa <key>

    hostname: hostname
    fqdn: hostname.domain.com

      - default
      - name: username
        lock_passwd: False
        sudo: ["ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL\nDefaults:username !requiretty"]
        shell: /bin/bash

Then you can use authorized keys. (My recommendation is to use keys over passwords).


On Sun, Nov 8, 2015 at 8:30 AM -0800, "Marco" <foobar angus gmail com> wrote:

Hi to everyone!
I've downloaded the Qcow2 formatted image of Fedora 23 atomic, and I'm trying to let cloud-init setup my initial access.
The problem is that I cannot login through the console ! The password for the "fedora" user is not setup and even the hostname isn't setup.
I'm probably missing something important but here is my configuration.

By using a local iso images I'm providing the "meta-data" and "user-data" files for initial setup.
The content of my user-data is as follows:
ssh_pwauth: False
  list: |
  expire: False

The content of my meta-data is as follows:
instance-id: atomic-host002
local-hostname: atomic02.local

And I'm changing the instance-id every time I try to provide a different configuration!

Every time my fedora starts up, the hostname isn't setup and most importantly I cannot login to the system as the fedora user o as the root user for which I've setup the passwords!

I do see errors during cloud-init setup being it unable to access external IPs but I've understood that local ISO image is supported by default and should be tried automatically at the end of the setup, isn't it ?

The iso is ok as far as I've tested it: I've mounted it in my host and even in others ubuntu distros and it's ok. And - of course - it's attached to the fedora host while booting!

Do you have any suggestion? What kind of error should I look for during boot ?

-- Marco

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