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[atomic-devel] rpm-ostree v2015.10, with new `deploy` verb

A new source release of rpm-ostree is available via this git-evtag[1]
signed tag:


It's building in Fedora rawhide now, and I'll update both F23 and the
CentOS Atomic SIG repos soon.  Here's the text from the tag:

This is a major new release which introduces a daemon with a DBus API,
more suitable for automation by scripts and management programs.  The
Cockpit project is developing a graphical interface for managing
rpm-ostree based systems such as Project Atomic Host.

Further, in collaboration with the Cockpit team, we came up with a new
command `rpm-ostree deploy` which is focused primarily on version

The previous `upgrade` and `rollback` verbs are available, but this
command has a number of advantages in that the caller is specifying
exactly what they want.

One major advantage of `deploy` is that it will also automatically
fetch history from the server side.  This was theoretically possible
before but far from ergonomic.  Now it is much easier to find an
earlier OS version and look for a regression, or upgrade to something
that's not the latest.

Thanks to all contributors!

 - Colin Walters (13):
 - Giuseppe Scrivano (9):
 - Jonathan Lebon (5):
 - Matthew Barnes (72):
 - Micah Abbott (1):
 - petervo (14):

[1] https://github.com/cgwalters/git-evtag

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