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Re: [atomic-devel] [Container-tools] Atomicapp changes for Atomic CLI: use UUIDs for management


On Tue, 2015-11-24 at 16:47 -0500, Dusty Mabe wrote:
> I have had a few discussions with Dan and with the Atomic App core
> team over the past few weeks. We have recognized some changes that we
> can make to Atomic App to make the integration go easier. Below is one
> proposed change:
> - atomicapp will now manage instances of applications in a similar
> manner to the way docker does by using IDs rather than the backing
> directory locations as arguments to atomicapp. This means that rather
> than the atomicapp software notifying you of a directory path where
> your application can be managed from, it will now hand you an ID you
> can use to manage it:
> ```
> atomic install helloapache
> --> <idxyz>
> atomic edit <idxyz>
> --> will open up text editor for answers.conf file

Sounds good so far.

> As part of this we'd like to make Atomic CLI able to detect if a user
> has provided an id or name of an existing "installed" atomicapp. One
> crude way to do this is to simply use the directory structure that is
> used to manage the atomicapps and making it have a predictable naming 
> scheme.

Do we have, or want, a local directory structure in all cases, though?
Eg. if I'm installing a nulecule to the k8s provider, I'm not installing
locally at all, I'm installing to the cluster.


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