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Re: [atomic-devel] Introducing sen: terminal user interface for docker engine

Quoting Joe Brockmeier (2015-10-27 01:55:17)
> Any chance this is going to be a Cloud feature for Fedora 24? (Probably
> juuuust a bit late to slip into F23 now.) 
> Best, 
> jzb
> -- 
> Joe Brockmeier | Community Team, OSAS
> jzb redhat com | http://community.redhat.com/
> Twitter: @jzb  | http://dissociatedpress.net/

Way too late for f23 since I just made it work recently and I'm sure it's full
of bugs (and missing features).

I'm planning to package this to Fedora, no question. Can submit it as a f24

One could think that sen is directly competing with cockpit. That's true. The
difference is target audience -- sen is meant for folks who are not fans of
webuis and prefer terminal instead. Not sure if this should be mentioned in the
feature proposal.

Tomáš Tomeček
Software Engineer
Developer Experience

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