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Re: [atomic-devel] bwrap-oci: convert from OCI to bubblewrap command line

Giuseppe Scrivano <gscrivano gnu org> writes:

> some new options were needed in bubblewrap to support a readonly rootfs
> and OCI hooks, those got merged in bubblewrap last week.  I don't
> expect big changes to happen soon in bwrap-oci, so I think it is a good
> time to move it under projectatomic and continue development from there.

for those interested to try it, I've created a COPR project and it is
possible to install bwrap-oci from there (ocitools is already available
for F24):

$ sudo dnf copr enable -y gscrivano/bwrap-oci
$ sudo dnf install -y ocitools bwrap-oci

### Create a rootfs and install emacs there
$ mkdir -p emacs/rootfs; cd emacs
$ sudo dnf install -y --releasever=24 --installroot=$(pwd)/rootfs emacs

### Generate the OCI configuration file
$ ocitools generate --tty --args /usr/bin/emacs > config.json

### Run bwrap-oci, which reads the config.json file generated by ocitools
### and executes bubblewrap
$ bwrap-oci


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