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Re: [atomic-devel] [Container-tools] Landing pages

On 02/01/2016 10:00 AM, Jonathan Lebon wrote:
The manageiq website handles this sort of branching pretty nicely:


You choose openstack, ovirt, rhev or vsphere, and each heads off
to a nice short quickstart.

Nice, that'd be sweet!

So in our case, we'd have

- Vagrant
- QCOW2 with cloud-init
- QCOW2 without cloud-init (i.e. Developer Mode)
- EC2

I'd like to understand the EC2 strategy a bit more. Is the goal to have a populated / up to date AMI (maybe this exists) that a customer could launch? There are many details around that, but it would be cool to have a process where you take the customers credentials and create the environment in AWS that's needed in order to launch this. Then they essentially hit the OpenShift dashboard and test an app launch.

Ansible has part of this:


It will launch an instance from an AMI that they have listed and you have to run through the AWS wizard. One thing it doesn't give you is "what to do next" after launch as a carry over quickstart instruction. It turns out that you only need to hit the public DNS name of the instance that was launched. It takes you to a login screen, but you have to figure out what the default username / password it.

I'm happy to review this quickstart as needed.

I'll whip up a quickstart for devmode.



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