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Re: [atomic-devel] Multiple kernels?

Not sure on the higher level goal yet, but debug possibly, straight kernel vs RT kernel, etc.

Just probing on feasibility and difficulty right now.

From: Colin Walters <walters verbum org>
Sent: Feb 3, 2016 16:53
To: atomic-devel projectatomic io
Subject: Re: [atomic-devel] Multiple kernels?

On Wed, Feb 3, 2016, at 09:42 AM, Subhendu Ghosh wrote:
Can rpm-ostree grub management support multiple kernel options within a single tree?
Is the higher level goal to have something like *both* kernel and kernel-debug available to boot the same tree?  In that case, the answer is definitely yes.  While the high level "porcelain" only maintains two bootloader entries, it's quite possible to have more than two.  And the "completely shared userspace" is just a special case of the "partially shared userspace" between upgrades that change it.
The caveat is that the OSTree model at the moment only supports one kernel per tree - but it's easily possible to have multiple trees which happen to share the exact same userspace.
A lot of the implementation detail comes down to the desired workflow - do we want the secondary kernel to go away when you upgrade, for example.

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