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[atomic-devel] Reducing the footprint of the Fedora docker base image

Hi everyone,

I recently analyzed the official Fedora docker base image to see how we can reduce its overall size. A summary of the work I did can be found here:

If you're interested in reading the full details (seeing console outputs, etc.), see the original version here: https://gist.github.com/iamcourtney/b8709ed897b7ecc9ac0f

**You may want to read the summary version first since it's much shorter and easier to read.

I essentially looked at which packages were being installed to the base image and tried to determine which of those packages could be turned into weak dependencies and which of those packages we can possibly break up.

If possible, I'd like some feedback on the work I did. Comments and criticism are more than welcomed! I realize there may be some controversy in terms of what I chose to remove and what I chose to turn into weak dependencies, but I would like to hear your thoughts either way.

Thanks everyone,


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