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Re: [atomic-devel] F24 Change: Adding Ceph/Gluster clients

Hi Matt,

Your doc looks good.  As FYI, in the somewhat near future (by the end of 2016) the storage clients will move  inside Docker containers removing a need for them on host.  I dont know if you want to mention that in the doc or not.

We added the packages to RHEL atomic as a stop gap while waiting for client-in-container feature.  If I remember properly gluster was easy and RBD required a new ghost package to satisfy an init script dependency.  The CEPH team was working to remove the dependency so it may no longer be an issue.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2016 at 1:25 PM, Matt Micene <nzwulfin gmail com> wrote:
Proposed change text wiki page is here:

In a nutshell, to support Ceph and Gluster as options for Kubernetes Persistent Volumes, the clients need to be available on the host.  I'm chasing down a few options at the moment, but the quick and easy way is to add the packages into the compose list.  I've got a line (from mmcgrath) on an alternate option and will pursue it but no info on that right now.

The GlusterFS client add 4 packages to the base.

The Ceph is a bit larger, but there is an issue with the dependency list that has already been reported and is being worked on to drop that number.

This is my first Fedora Change, so edits, questions, and improvements

- Matt M

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