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[atomic-devel] Call for live demos for Atomic Cluster at Summit, Container Central


I will have my Atomic Micro-Cluster in Community Central, at Summit:


I realize that a number of you will be recording video demos.  However,
if your stuff can run on Fedora Atomic Host, this is your chance to do
live, interactive demos and show off your stuff -- which beats video any
day, in my book.

I'd like to assemble a schedule for live demos, so please respond to
this email with availability and demo content.

Also, if I need to install specific containers/services before Summit,
we need to talk sooner rather than later -- I don't expect that we'll be
able to download containers from Moscone.

Do it, we'll have fun!

Cluster definition: 3-node Fedora Atomic Host 23/April20 cluster (the
4th node will be given away at DockerCon).  Kubernetes, etcd, Docker
1.9.  Cockpit on each node plus Kubernetes, plus probably Registry if I
get to it.

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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