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Re: [atomic-devel] Smaller fedora & centos images

I am sympathetic to Tim Hockin's perspective.  I am not sure where the size versus value equation tips, but if I go to a restaurant for an appetizer and the menu only shows entrees I can see where folks like Tim come from with their request.  It's hard to argue with someone that they should eat more, and it seems like there is a community of folks that want smaller base images.

I think a lot of the users in Golang ecosystem want small base images because the binaries that they build ironically end up kind of large!

I am working on pod eviction in Kubernetes now when a node is low on disk.  I could see some deployment models that charged image usage to the pod rather than choosing to treat shared image layers as a cost to the underlying infra even if we are not doing that yet in this first iteration.  For those cases, users may think they should care more than operators want or need them to care about the image size.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2016, Tim St. Clair <tstclair redhat com> wrote:
Can we finally address this image size issue? 


I've sent emails about it in the past, and adoption is moving fast.

Timothy St. Clair

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