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[atomic-devel] GSOC 2016 project proposal - Rollback upgrades


I am Amila Sampath, and Engineering student form University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka. Since I'm a Linux lover, I planed on working with a Linux related project for the GSOC 2016. I found interesting with your project of rollback Linux upgrades. I have experience with Linux since 2006, and I have made my own customized Linux distribution on last year.
Working through with the project, I would like to get some more information about the project. I think about the project and I came out with some solutions for this project. One is backup the system before upgrading the new Linux vision and this will cost HDD space of user PC. Other method, is to search and save old vision file links form a given server and for rollback, download that files build up the old file structure. In this method it will cost Internet service charges to users. And another method was to while upgrading the system, scan the new file and old file and save the difference of the file in another file and replace that data when the system is rollback.
I would like to contact with you over skype if it is possible. I'm looking forward of replay.

Thank you,

p.s.: I have mid semester examination on next week (08/03/2016to11/03/2016). Therefore working with this project on this days are little hard for me with the exam.

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