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[atomic-devel] How to get started developing for Project Atomic hosts?

Hi all,

So I've found http://www.projectatomic.io/community/ where there is a
section for "How to join and help".

Unfortunatley the two links provided are for rpm-ostree and then a
goto link for https://wiki.centos.org/Cloud

Neither of which provide any information on how to start developing
for Project Atomic hosts.

Is there a go-to tutorial on how to get started with CentOS 7 Atomic
Host development as well as Fedora 23/24? 

It's a noob question, but I'd like to learn the release process
(namely how we can try to get rkt and runc on there :)) and how I can

If someone could provide me a few tutorial links and could point me in
the right direction I could also do the updating to the website too.

Charlie Drage
Red Hat - OSAS Team / Project Atomic
4096R / 0x9B3B446C

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