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[atomic-devel] CentOS Atomic Host test images

There are test images available for what will be the next CentOS
Atomic Host release:


After we've done some testing, we'll update the official CentOS Atomic
Host ostree repo, probably early next week, and announce the release.
We're going to hold off on producing new release images for a week or
so, in order to sync up with the regular monthly centos media refresh

These test images include two versions of docker: docker-1.9.1-40 and
docker-latest-1.10.3-22.1. To read more about docker vs.
docker-latest, see:

For your non-atomic needs, these docker pkgs, along with the other
content included in these images, are now available in the standard
centos repositories -- docker, kubernetes and most of the other
"atomic" pkgs live in the extras repo.

Happy testing,


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