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Re: [atomic-devel] ARM builds?

Thanks Adam,

>>> On Thu, Aug 25, 2016 at 1:55 PM, Josh Berkus <jberkus redhat com> wrote:
>>> > Folks,
>>> >
>>> > Partly due to lugging my micro-cluster around, I've been getting a lot
>>> > of interest in having an ARM port of Atomic Host (ARM64, mostly).  Not
>>> > just hobby user interest, but interest from SDN and IoT makers.
>>> >
>>> > I'm raising this on atomic-devel because I'm not sure if it makes more
>>> > sense to start on this via Fedora or CentOS.  Thoughts?

We're already looking at enabling atomic in Fedora 25 for both aarch64
and Power64.

>>> I'm into it. I imagine there are parties on the CentOS and Fedora
>>> sides who'd be into this too, and any progress on one side will
>>> probably benefit the other side.

>From the aarch64 PoV there's parties from both Fedora and CentOS
actively investigating and working towards this. I'll be enabling for
F-25 in the run up to beta. I wanted to do it for Alpha but just
didn't have enough bandwidth.

>>> I think docker and kube can both run on ARM, and CentOS and Fedora run
>>> on ARM. I don't know about the ostree bits...

We've had docker and cloud images in Fedora on aarch64 (and Power64)
since Fedora 24, similarly with kube too with various partners already
playing/testing it.

>> I like the idea, as long as the focus is on arm64. Unfortunately, I think
>> arm64 support for raspberry pi's are still a work in progress (thought, I
>> think CentOS has been making progress in this area as of late).

The Raspberry Pi aarch64 kernel support is mostly there now with 4.8,
still a few bits missing like WiFi and some minor display issues but
if you don't care about that side of things it's usable. I've not yet
enabled the aarch64 side of things in Fedora as yet.

We'll be adding support for RPi 2/3 for ARMv7 in Fedora 25 (real soon
now), I'm working on aarch64 image support for aarch64 in general for
SBCs such as Pine64 for F-25 too,not yet sure which devices we'll
support this cycle just yet though.

> Sorry for the massive lag time on this, but I'm embarrassingly behind on email.
> I wanted to loop Peter Robinson (CC'd) into this thread as he's
> actually worked on Atomic Host ARM stuff (as well as all things ARM
> for Fedora) and likely has plenty of insight into the topic.

Responses above. Feel free to reach out with any queries etc.


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