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Re: [atomic-devel] 2wk atomic release candidate: 20170410

On 04/10/2017 11:10 AM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
> We are going to attempt to release the 20170410 images. 
> These images contain the following ostree version/commit:
> 25.102
> d3ed59ffb427870c536002cc88e3bcb72355921ff191e78612cb764c20ab1ec4

We are going to delay release as we have found at least one bug
that is observed when installing containerized openshift on top
of this version of Atomic Host. I suspect this is a kernel
regression, but am still investigating.

Example error text from the origin-node service:

 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:34.995594   10859 kubelet_node_status.go:377] Recording NodeHasNoDiskPressure event message for node
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:34.995740   10859 kubelet_node_status.go:73] Attempting to register node
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:35.001804   10859 kubelet_node_status.go:112] Node was previously registered
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:35.001845   10859 kubelet_node_status.go:76] Successfully registered node
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:35.033412   10859 kubelet_node_status.go:377] Recording NodeNotSchedulable event message for node
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:35.073467   10859 manager.go:290] Recovery completed
 origin-node[10803]: I0411 00:15:35.159477   10859 conversion.go:133] failed to handle multiple devices for container. Skipping Filesystem stats
 origin-node[10803]: E0411 00:15:35.878364   10859 controller.go:176] Error removing route from dev tun0: timed out waiting for the condition; if the route appears later it will not be deleted.
 origin-node[10803]: F0411 00:15:35.878402   10859 node.go:350] error: SDN node startup failed: exit status 2
 systemd[1]: origin-node.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=255/n/a


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