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Re: [atomic-devel] should we include microdnf in atomic host

On 08/25/2017 09:05 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 25, 2017, at 09:52 AM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
>> If there is ever a case where people "need" to `ostree admin unlock --hotfix`
>> and install a new patched rpm that hasn't been released yet, should we consider
>> including microdnf to make it easier to grab those rpms? 
> In general, rpm-ostree already has all of the code from libdnf; microdnf just
> wraps libdnf.   So anything we're not supporting is really a bug; right?

Yeah if we could just use libdnf and then have microdnf and rpm-ostree use that,
that would be great. 

I guess this is a bug, maybe, maybe not. Basically this came up in a conversation
about the various ways to patch a running production system. The ostree admin unlock
is the absolute most tactical way to go about it (especially as long as livefs is experimental)
but there is no great way to install rpms without doing depsolving yourself and having
to find them on the mirrors.

> Isn't your case already mostly covered by
> # for x in https://kojipkgs.fedoraproject.org//packages/docker/1.13.1/28.gitb5e3294.fc27/x86_64/docker-{common-,rhel-push-plugin-,}1.13.1-28.gitb5e3294.fc27.x86_64.rpm; do curl -L -O $x; done
> # rpm-ostree ex override replace ./docker-*

Sure, you depsolved that manually and also found it on the mirrors manually. Also you are 
relying on an experimental feature (and another experimental feature if you don't want to
reboot (livefs).

Even in your scenario it could be useful to have something like microdnf on the system to
handle some functionality like 'microdnf download foorpm' and get that rpm local onto the
system. So in your scenario about, even if we weren't using hotfix you could do:

# microdnf download --resolve docker
# rpm-ostree ex override replace ./docker-* 

> ...
> # rpm-ostree status
> State: idle
> Deployments:
>   fedora-atomic:fedora/26/x86_64/atomic-host
>                    Version: 26.110 (2017-08-20 18:10:09)
>                 BaseCommit: 13ed0f241c9945fd5253689ccd081b5478e5841a71909020e719437bbeb74424
>                     Commit: 9563ce634fc49bb5efbb6a75d8f6dc4129f154caa9a63a72cca66b4b02a6b5e8
>       ReplacedBasePackages: docker-rhel-push-plugin 2:1.13.1-21.git27e468e.fc26 -> 2:1.13.1-28.gitb5e3294.fc27, docker-common 2:1.13.1-21.git27e468e.fc26 -> 2:1.13.1-28.gitb5e3294.fc27, docker 2:1.13.1-21.git27e468e.fc26 -> 2:1.13.1-28.gitb5e3294.fc27
> etc?
> The `ostree admin unlock` model does allow *arbitrary* changes (not just RPMs)
> and `--hotfix` continues that, but it sounds like you were mainly looking at RPMs,
> right?

Yes, was mainly looking at RPMS.

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