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[atomic-devel] DevConf Project Atomic BOF - giving a 2 minutes presentation?

Hi everyone,

As some of you already know, I'm the new community manager for Project Atomic and we're going to have a BOF and Retrospective session at DevConf that Josh took care of so far. As he is now the Kubernetes Community Manager, we did a handover for everything Project Atomic.

For those of you going to DevConf, we would like a 2 minute briefing on the status and plans of each of the following projects:

* Fedora Atomic Host
* CentOS Atomic Host
* Fedora Atomic Workstation
* CentOS Container Pipeline
* Buildah
* Skopeo
* Documentation
* Cockpit
* other Atomic-related projects

If you're interested in presenting any of these, please let me know by January 12. Also, please forward this email to other contributors who you think might be interested.

Thank you and happy holidays,

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