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Re: [atomic-devel] looking for feedback on running kubernetes in system containers

Hi Jason,

Jason Brooks <jbrooks redhat com> writes:

> I've experimented w/ making more changes to the ansible like these --
> adapting the scripts to the system containers rather than the reverse,
> but I started thinking it'd be easier to adapt the system containers
> to be more of a drop-in replacement, leaving them to be configured as
> much like the regular packages as possible. So, things like making
> etcd configurable by editing a conf file vs. limiting configuration to
> --set commands. Do you think it's worthwhile to try and make system
> containers work this way, or would we be losing out on some system
> containers goodness through this?

yes, this is something that was requested by different users and it
makes sense to change the etcd container to support reading its
configuration from a file as well.

Now that we support copy of files to the host, we can create this file
at installation time and still allow multiple instances of the etcd

It could be placed on the host accordingly to the container name like:

The Docker container is already using this feature:


And for renaming the files (to take into account the container name):


For etcd we will need to create the bind mount as well.  In the Docker
case it wasn't needed since we are already bind mounting /etc.


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