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Re: [atomic-devel] tools and systemtap containers are available in Fedora

On 10/06/2017 10:14 AM, Mark Wielaard wrote:
On Mon, 2017-09-18 at 16:48 +0200, Tomas Tomecek wrote:
we managed to move tools container from Fedora Dockerfiles github
repo to Fedora infra [1]. As a side effects, we put systemtap in a
dedicated container.

We would very much appreciate your feedback here
What determines what goes into tools and what in a separate container
(like systemtap). I see the tools container has strace, gcc, gdb, perf,
etc. But not other development tools like binutils, elfutils and
valgrind. Will those be added or will they come in some separate



Right now there is a an effort going on to shrink the tools container, it has grown huge.

I would prefer you create a debug container and put all of these tools in there.

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