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Re: [atomic-devel] tools and systemtap containers are available in Fedora

Hi Tomas,

On Fri, 2017-10-06 at 20:09 +0200, Tomas Tomecek wrote:
> Mark, thanks for feedback!
> I'll be honest that I left gcc and gdb in there by accident. As Dan
> said, we are trying to reduce size of that container so it's easier
> to use. Who decides what's in it?

> This was an internal collaboration with multiple
> people -- in the end, everyone can express themselves and provide
> feedback or suggestions.
> Would you be able to come up with a complete list of packages you
> have in mind? Creating a new issue in Atomic WG issue tracker would
> be really helpful to us: https://pagure.io/atomic-wg/issues
> I agree with Dan that this could be a good candidate for a debugging
> container -- tools container could contain sysadmin tools and the
> debugging container could be used for debugging applications and
> maybe even C-development.

Aha. Interesting. I think the name "tools" is a little misleading.
Seeing some of the "tools" in there I assumed it was actually the
development tools container. The name tools might be a bit overloaded

I am not sure debugging container on itself is that useful, it probably
should be a developer tools container, containing everything you would
use for your normal edit-compile-debug cycle. Or maybe a group of
"stacked" containers might be nice, one for the core native toolchain,
one for development debug tools and one for production monitoring,
tracing and profiling?

Maybe the packages from the Developer Toolset software collection (for
CentOS, but then for current Fedora) might be a good starting point:
Those come with a toolchain and perftools collection, also available as
docker image. But designed to be parallel installable, something which
you might not care for for the atomic containers. But the package lists
might be a good starting point.



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