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[atomic-devel] Looking for projects for new Fedora-Origin hardware


So we finally have our blades, which were earmarked for the "FOSP"
project.  Events have moved on a bit, though, so I wanted to check with
the Atomic community for projects we could do targeting these servers.
This also affects how the infra team sets them up (networking, base OS

The original plan for this cluster was to test deploying and scaling up
Fedora-Atomic-Origin, and possibly to supply a test farm for apps
developed to run in that environment.  That use is still possible
provided we can get someone to admin it (hint, hint).

* 16 blades, each 10 cores with 128GB RAM and 240GB onboard storage

Project Requirements:
* must somehow involve Fedora Atomic and OpenShift Origin
* there is no 24/7 support for the hardware, so production hosting uses
are probably not feasible
* there is no administrative software for the cluster (yet), so helping
implementing/deploying that may become part of your project

Given the above requirements, does anyone in the wide Atomic community
have projects for which they could use a cluster, or part of a cluster?

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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