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Re: [atomic-devel] Atomic Host: Rails, Jekyll plain HTML containers; Qmail & EZMLM; Discourse

On 04/12/2018 08:06 PM, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> People,

Moving this over to atomic-devel, because atomic fedoraproject list is
an announcements-only list.

> I have slowly been getting more interested in Project Atomic and it
> seems like I have a developing use case for converting my Fedora 26
> x86_64 server (I'll think about the Fedora 27 x86_64 Workstation later).
>  The recent interest has been because I want to get a Discourse forum
> going again for one of the web sites but it seems it is still a bit of
> pain to get setup - even with the Docker container.  The server
> currently has:
> - A dozen low-volume web sites - Rails, Jekyll and plain HTML
> - The Jekyll and Rails web sites are already Dockerised
> - A Qmail server and EZMLM serving about a dozen, low-volume mailing lists
> I know someone else has already Dockerised Qmail so that is another step
> in the right direction for me.
> It seems like moving to RKT or CRI-O containers might be a good idea in
> the future?
> It seems if I want to move some or all of these main functions from my
> own server to another server or to a cloud server, that heading in the
> Atomic direction should make life easier for me in the future?

It's kind of more that "if you plan to do containerized microservices
anyway, running them on Atomic makes a lot of sense".

Josh Berkus
Kubernetes Community
Red Hat OSAS

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