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[atomic-devel] Newbie atomic questions continued


Unfortunately I had signed up for the digest so there's no way to reply, I fixed that problem moving forward.

I not as familiar with packer. Does it run a kickstart install? 

No, it starts up an ec2 instance with a base AMI (ami-1690b173 in us-east-2 in this case) and runs whatever commands and scripts you want it to run to install things, change configs, etc.  When it done it creates a new AMI from that running instance.

> > 2.? How do I install docker-compose in a way that it will persist across reboots given that "atomic install docker-compose" doesn't work?
> `rpm-ostree install <rpm-name> && reboot` should work.

OK but I don't think there is an RPM for docker-compose.  Usually you just curl it to download as shown here:


So how to do that kind of install?  



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