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[atomic-devel] Deprecating the projectatomic namespace on GitHub

Hello Everyone,

Project Atomic is going to go away, and the FCOS Community & Tools team would like to dissolve the GH org, moving active projects to other namespaces and leaving behind only (soon-to-be) deprecated projects there. The FCOS team still receives frequent inquiries about the status of Project Atomic, and we would like to further clarify its deprecation with this. For some more background, please also read: http://www.projectatomic.io/blog/2018/06/welcome-to-fedora-coreos/

We have already started discussions/created tickets regarding the move for various projects:

However, there are a lot more projects there which need to be dealt with.
Therefore, I'd like to call upon the respective teams/owners of a repo in https://github.com/projectatomic to clarify their project's status,
and to plan a migration to another sensible namespace or add a deprecation notice.
Ideally, that process can be completed before the release of Fedora 30/Fedora CoreOS.


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