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[atomic-devel] atomic pull from containers-storage


there was already a similar request on the list before for which I
have a follow-up question.

Let's say I have an image created by buildah and the the image has
been written to the storage location as defined in
/etc/containers/storage.conf. The default is
/var/lib/containers/storage. Now I want to pull the image from this
storage and store it into an ostree repository using the atomic tool.
This does't seem to work.

Let's take a look at the buildah default storage:

# sudo buildah images
       CREATED AT             SIZE
0e04578ef6b7         docker.io/library/foobar:latest
       Jan 28, 2018 09:48     251 MB

When I try to pull this image with atomic, it does not work as expected:

# sudo atomic pull --storage ostree containers-storage:foobar:latest
The image `containers-storage:foobar:latest` is not fully qualified.
The default registry configured for Skopeo will be used.
FATA[0000] Invalid source name
docker://containers-storage:foobar:latest: invalid reference format

Is this because atomic does not support the containers-storage
transport? What else should I use in order to pull an image from this


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