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[atomic-devel] What is the current state of the container tools

We're using centos and fedora for production and development. I'm waiting for a long time to be able to use docker's multi stage build feature which imho would an essential feature for all kind of container build. Unfortunately neither rhel/centos' nor fedora's latest release do not update docker in the last 1.5 years (!). docker 1.13 was released January 19, 2017. I understand that everybody would like to use the new and fancy OCI tools and stuff. So I try to understand the current state of these tools. But it seems for me that these tools are far from ready and not even ready for daily usage. eg. buildah can only va run by root and no usable way to develop and test as a regular user etc.
First of all is there any good comprehensive tutorial (may with compare with docker) which tools should have to use and how.

..and until these tools get ready... is there any plan or change that rh/fedora will update docker to something newer or everybody should have to use docker-ce packages from docker or other even more dirtier trick to build small containers?

Thanks in advance.

  Levente                               "Si vis pacem para bellum!"

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