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[atomic-devel] xdg-open-gateway


A while ago, I was looking for a way to have bubblewrap'd programs open
files and URLs outside their container, and stumbled upon the Snap
project's snapd-xdg-open:


This package consists of two parts, a client program and a Dbus
daemon. The client program is installed in the container in place of the
standard xdg-open program, and forwards requests to the daemon via Dbus,
which will then fulfill them by opening the URLs outside the container.

Today, that project is discontinued, as its functionality has been
folded into the snapd daemon. However, snapd-xdg-open still remains
useful for Bubblewrap. I've created an AUR package and written up a bit
of documentation on the Arch Linux wiki:


I've submitted a few small improvements, which were understandably
rejected as the project was due to be archived. It was suggested on IRC
that I maintain a fork of the project, which I am happy to do. I also
understood that, perhaps, there could be interest in hosting the project
under the same namespace as Bubblewrap itself.

@Son_Goku graciously did the initial cleanup and "rebranding" (to avoid
namespace conflicts with the origin project):


@dustymabe suggested to ask the list, so, here we are :)

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