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Re: [atomic-devel] Announcing the Fedora CoreOS community!

ср, 20 июн. 2018 г. в 17:11, Dusty Mabe <dusty dustymabe com>:
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> Hi Everyone!
> Earlier this year Red Hat acquired CoreOS, Inc. [1]. In the past few
> months we have been working hard to evaluate the different technologies
> in the CoreOS Container Linux and Project Atomic spaces. Since Container
> Linux and Atomic Host overlap in functionality quite a bit we have decided
> to merge future development of the two projects so that we can combine
> our efforts and bring two great communities of people together to solve
> future challenges in the transactional update and container operating
> system landscape.
> # What does this mean for Atomic Host?
> The last major release of Fedora Atomic Host will most likely be Fedora
> 29 Atomic Host. After Fedora 29 we'll recommend you use Fedora CoreOS for
> any deployments. The use cases for Fedora CoreOS should overlap with the
> existing use cases for Atomic Host, but there may be some use cases that
> are left behind as we narrow our focus. Hopefully disruptions will be minimal.

What tech will be used to atomic upgrades - coreos/chrome os like or
atomic ostree?
(I'm try before atomic coreos and decide to use atomic because i easy
can bring up central host for upgrade via http and ability to
rollback/rebase to different trees easy).

> # What will happen to the Project Atomic community channels?
> The mailing lists, IRC channels, and GitHub organization will mostly
> be retired once the last releases are End Of Life. Please join us on the
> new community spaces (more details below)!
> # Where can I learn more about Fedora CoreOS and get involved?
> - - There is a new website and FAQ at https://coreos.fedoraproject.org.
> - - There is a mailing list at coreos lists fedoraproject org
> - - There is an IRC channel #fedora-coreos on freenode
> - - There is a new Discourse board at https://discussion.fedoraproject.org/c/coreos
> We're excited to have the existing Container Linux and Atomic Host
> communities working together and we hope you'll join us in making
> Fedora CoreOS a success.
> Dusty
> [1] https://www.redhat.com/en/about/press-releases/red-hat-acquire-coreos-expanding-its-kubernetes-and-containers-leadership
> iQIzBAEBCAAdFiEEPb6zG5c6sV89tRYPMwLb1zlS5nEFAlsqYIoACgkQMwLb1zlS
> 5nEnqBAAjnAo6ftizeQHtTjBVZqIJ4Xfxh4KoskmLWnbZOQz9B5leazXZIXvf1YQ
> 86FqQkfUYrkNSUzZ/6QZ8nNbt+Z+ebVI1elnfXU9FtSgJAOfAx61tk/RG+doi/sm
> wrQRybOx+RehXPQFVPGp2aAjUhZnhgQopNrY2jZyoAdGCV0Ks6podY5s9VyfHGyk
> TRsRV+P9Qqg7oUvTyHi5Z+Aalr2LOHzRCjOGdYXpWUO3yrPRPcI2KY8sCewzkhG/
> 6KeMzAfhPien+ZZ+bbv38M9bj1bUhtplCJAFtmX44nlQ8cNYg/R2AjKGlamQj4vg
> r0zDcQvn8XTtljpcEUQ7wYpBs038ni+47JCQ7SGQGtKJoSF2S89iFLjtxlGlLNzR
> Gwl3AHNjqkWq3fkVdJ1zijo2GLpunpza/9M2XkDmiAX6OZvDOqY0hrdc8vyYO1gq
> 16Vlg/KZOkCCCvnbndl9qWXSnUl3qNvq2TYRuuBqyNKOTQGWYrLtYQSanDGfztb2
> rSkYC4amTP+e4y0I1WICZ3WtbsJq37NcXbfQsnFJdsYAwfWZMqbJLE5FKSs4Ri3V
> 7iJDZjjyx1Eq3FN+ktUbaFpedi+wxTZ6/OreLj29YrsxfpcO8+k=
> =2tOe
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Vasiliy Tolstov,
e-mail: v tolstov selfip ru

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