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[atomic-devel] replicate my OSTree on other machines

Please ignore previous email with no subject and apologize

I have a 6 bare metal hosts setup with Fedora server 28. These VM will run a Kubernetes HA cluster with Rancher[0]. For now, I am in the early steps to create a clean cluster, thus I spend much of my time reading, learning, installing, breaking !

I decided to go Fedora Atomic and installed it on one VM. I have now the perfect setup for what I want and will now install Atomic with these setup to the other VM. What is the best way to clone my current machine and install to other? I couldn't find a simple method which would make sens to me. I was thinking of using git, but i can't find any guide, so my guess is this is not the proper way.

Thank you for any hints/how to.



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