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Re: [atomic-devel] [atomic-announce] Fedora Atomic 29 EOL date?

On 8/24/19 6:27 AM, Feilong Wang wrote:
> Hi team,

Hi Feilong! I'm adding in Spyros who has worked with us in the past on Atomic Host and Magnum.

> Could you please help me understand when will be the EOL date for Fedora Atomic 29? I understand generally it takes 13 months. But given Fedora Atomic 29 -> Fedora CoreOS 30 is a big jump, is there any special considering for this case?

Fedora 29 Atomic Host will follow the EOL schedule for Fedora 29. It will EOL approximately a month
after Fedora 31 is released. Fedora 31 is scheduled to be released at the end of October, so the EOL
for Fedora 29 will probably be around the end of November. 

> The background is OpenStack Magnum is using Fedora Atomic as the base operating system to deploy Kubernetes cluster, but because of the big change from FA29 to FCOS 30, we haven't got enough resources on this work. So it would be really helpful if the Fedora Atomic/CorOS community can help me understand the roadmap and plan. Thank you very much.

The Fedora CoreOS preview release is out now. We're hoping to bring that to stable ASAP but we've got
some things we'd like to finish before we make that declaration. The best thing that can be done is to
get some experience trying out OpenStack Magnum on Fedora CoreOS so that we can get in fixes now before
we declare stable. 

We'd like to work with you more closely to make sure the transition is smooth for the Magnum project. Can
you all share some time/resources to work with us to make sure we smooth out any wrinkles?


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