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[atomic-devel] Atomic Host on Xen PV VM


Under the "Generic Cloud Images" paragraph of the documentation here:


I have read that the GenericCloud qcow2 images should also be installable on Xen.

Now I gave it a shot and it simply does not boot because of the pygrub bootloader which complains that it can't find the kernel to boot up this image with.

I searched extensively but could not find any documentation on how to install CentOS Atomic Host on a Xen hypervisor using paravirtualization (PV).

Does someone have any hints or documentation or even managed to get Atomic Host working with Xen?

Ideally I would like to setup PXE boot with a kickstart file in oder to get my CentOS atomic host automatically installed on Xen but for that purpose I could not even find any initrd.img and vmlinuz of Atomic host which I can use for that.

Thanks in advance for any hints...

Best regards,

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