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[atomic-devel] Failed upgrade Fedora Atomic 27>28

I was finally getting around to updating my Fedora Atomic host today.  I was originally just going to update to the latest Fedora Atomic 27 release but rpm-ostree upgrade returns a 404 error.  That is when I realized I am a little behind the times I guess.

So, I followed the instructions at: Fedora 27->28 Atomic Host Upgrade Guide

Everything seemed to proceed smoothly until after I rebooted.  I was seeing a number of strange things happening.

First, I kept getting an error from rpm-ostree status.

error: Failed to activate service 'org.projectatomic.rpmostree1': timed out (service_start_timeout=25000ms)

Then, I noticed that my two layered packages, sshfs and autofs, were not working.

Then, I noticed that I was getting errors when trying to run systemctl commands.

Finally, I discovered I could not reboot!

I finally edited the /boot/grub2/grub.cfg file and set the default boot to the previous selection for Atomic 27 and then had someone power cycle the server in the data center.  This thankfully caused everything to boot backup and work.

I then removed the failed deployment and removed the rebase to Atomic 28.

But now I am not sure how to proceed.  I am not sure why the upgrade failed and I couldn't find anyone else reporting a similar issue.

I would appreciated any guidance on how to proceed.  I ultimately want to get to the latest release of Fedora Atomic but am a little hesitant after thinking I had bricked my server today.

Thanks for your help!


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