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Re: [atomic] OpenStack Magnum concerns about Project Atomic

On 02/24/2016 07:13 AM, Steve Gordon wrote:
Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place as the Magnum folks are primarily using the Fedora Atomic images as their base but I was recently pointed to this IRC discussion where the Magnum folks outlined some of their concerns resulting from interacting with the Atomic images which are causing them to look elsewhere:

Seems like as good a place as any.


This is in some ways a continuation of this earlier thread:


Trying to boil down the comments into a summary:

* Depending on timing age of components in Fedora Atomic leads to a need for Magnum folks to rebuild image, at least until such time as more of the pieces are containerized (k8s/etcd/flanel) [1].

One thing I don't get from the chat is examples. Are they really building this with a release of Kubernetes which is < 2 weeks old? Or are our packages older than that?

* Rebuild image documentation lacks troubleshooting information (I encountered this myself, there are plenty of places for things to go off the rails in the compose and create-vm-disk steps and the tooling provides very limited error output in some cases).

Yeah, docs are a problem.

* Lack of clarity around if or when originally proposed build cadences will be hit for Fedora Atomic - I think this was originally proposed as 2-weekly but it's hard to tell if that has actually been hit to an outsider. To me it looks like yes [2] but do we record anywhere when a new build was pushed out to the mirrors as the current stable?
* Doesn't really feel like an active global community versus e.g. CoreOS. I know this is a challenging thing to "solve" but I list it as it is part of their concern, I myself have asked a question in the #atomic IRC and it was eventually answered but only when US East coast folks were up and awake again.

This seems to center around availability on IRC. Part of the problem there is that folks are spread out across 5-6 different channels (#fedora-cloud, #nulecule, etc.). I'll try to get people to remember to also log into #atomic.

I know this is very high level feedback in many cases and difficult to action but wanted to highlight it . Scott has already answered my query on the Fedora cloud list w.r.t. containerization plans for the services mentioned which I think would help Magnum folks a lot [1], and I see we are apparently now doing two-weekly updates to the Fedora cloud image [2] though as I mentioned it would be great if we can illustrate the history of this in terms of regular builds produced/pushed.

I think it's pretty valid feedback and I'm glad you're relaying it to us.

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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