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[atomic-devel] Roadmap / tracking for Project Atomic top level

Based on a quick IRC conversation with Colin, I've been thinking about a quick way to get some level of tracking for "project" level items vs "component" level items.  E.g., adding a new package to Atomic vs thread safe OstreeSysroot for rpm-ostree.

Since we're tracking the component source and web site in Github, I'm proposing a way to use that system for milestones, proposals, architecture changes, etc.  It's probably not the best way, but it's something we can get done quickly.

Create a top level 'governance' repo in the Project Atomic top level.  This project would be the source for things like the Atomic Host Definition, reference package list, test plans, etc.

Using labels, we can use the Issue tracking for this repo for proposals, non-component specific tasks (e.g., vagrant boxes), discussions, etc.  Labels can identify the intent of the issue (enhancement, comment, architecture) and the domain (networking, orchestration, container engine).  Accepted proposals could turn into new issues on component repos.  

With issues, we can capture milestones and tasks, and get a rough idea of what makes up Project Atomic 0.5, 0.6 without being tied to a specific Fedora release.

A few issues I see from the start.  There's no direct tie between issues in all the repos, but we could use issues to track issues, bad duplication and I'd like a better way.  We also have two spots for discussion in that case, atomic-devel and github issues, tracking commentary could become problematic.


Matt M (nzwulfin)

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