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[atomic-devel] Atomic including cockpit-bridge?

Cockpit has the potential to make Atomic more discoverable ... including
upcoming features like Kubernetes support, OSTree etc.

Cockpit is already shipped in Fedora Atomic, and CentOS Atomic. In
addition there's a privileged container which sorta allows running
Cockpit on the RHEL Atomic Beta.

But long term having a privileged container messing with your system
negates several of the advantages of OSTree, such as ensuring that the
software of your system was tested as a whole, or being able to switch
between trees, etc.

I'd like to see if we can get part of Cockpit into Atomic proper:

 * The cockpit-bridge which proxies UI requests to the system
 * The Atomic specific Cockpit UI files

These are small and have minimal dependencies. I can't find a single
hard dependency of cockpit-bridge that isn't already available [0] in
Atomic ... notably:

 * libglib.so (already required by lots of stuff)
 * libjson-glib.so (already required by rpm-ostree-client)
 * libpolkit-agent.so (already needed by NetworkManager)

The UI files constitute 2.5 MB at present ... but could conceivably be
stripped down further by not shipping debug versions of javascript, and
doing more minification of CSS etc...

The end result is that Cockpit would still be accessed either via a
privileged container listening for HTTP requests ... or via another
system which invokes cockpit-bridge over SSH.


[0] Some other discussion of cockpit-bridge deps:

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