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[atomic-devel] CentOS Atomic SIG reminder: Tuesday 14:30 UTC

Hi all,

Reminder, we have the usual CentOS Atomic SIG meeting tomorrow at 14:30
UTC in #centos-devel.

Stef Walter is going to be joining this week to discuss Cockpit, since
we had some open questions around Cockpit a while back.

We should also discuss nightly tree builds and eventually having a
"stable" and "testing" tree or how that will work, and what options we
have and are working towards there.

Finally, I'd like to discuss inclusion of Rocket and whether any
packaging work is going on there already.

Also: From last week:

#action lsm5 to begin building rawhide kube packages in virt7-testing
#action imcleod to test compose using the latest CBS content to verify
proper kube setup
#action lsm5 to refresh cockpit packages in CBS


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