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Re: [atomic-devel] 3 kinds of "docker build"

I talked a lot about RPM/packaging because it's my background, but
there's an obvious generalization from "RPM" to "external artifact".

If you look at the Wildfly image:


It does both; RPMs and a zip file.  I suspect it wouldn't be too hard to
generalize a tool like I'm describing to support both RPMs and non-RPMs
for input into a final *assembled* image.

Trying to generalise a *build* system that can take both seems like it'd
be messy very fast.  Probably end up with something like auto-wrapping
external artifacts as RPM or something just to have a consistent
artifact format.

To put all of the above another way - I do see the ability of Docker to
handle and aggregate non-RPM content to be key, with many valid use
cases, and I'm not suggesting we throw that away with a new build tool.

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