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[atomic-devel] rpm-ostree-toolbox v2014.104

rpm-ostree-toolbox is, as the name might suggest, a collection of
scripts that wrap a variety of other tools (rpm-ostree to make trees,
lorax to make installer images, imagefactory make cloud images).


Quite a bit happened; the highlights are:
 - Continued porting to Python
 - ImageFactory scripting
 - systemd unit files, a message bus listener for push notification
 - A versioning scheme

$ git shortlog v2014.103..v2014.104
Andy Grimm (1):
      Use correct value for OSTREE_REF macro

Brent Baude (6):
      compose: Two small fixes
      treecompose: Make rpmostreecachedir optional
      flake8 exception: lengthen line length to 160
      taskbase: Use values from ini, override with json
      treecompose: Make -c optional and set config.ini to default
      treecompose: add ability to output rhev and vsphere images

Colin Walters (50):
      postprocess: Make Vagrant script actually executable
      vagrant: Don't use %wheel for vagrant user
      vagrant: Update for disk resize 8 -> 16
      Revert back to 8GB disk size, also drop swap space
      Merge in the "treecompose" script from fedora-atomic, split it up
      autocompose: Use 'mv' rather than rename()
      Move main() to Python
      README.md: Undeprecate now that we have imagefactory here too
      lorax: Also template OS name (don't hardcode Fedora)
      create-vm-disk: Support writing an unconfigured-state message
      Hoist utility functions into utils.py
      Delete dead print-header code
      Add missing includes for utimes
      taskrunner: Simple process runner with versioned logging
      packaging: Add deps for lorax/imagefactory
      create-vm-disk: The first partition offset should be 2048
      create-vm-disk: Set the partition type for LVM
      taskrunner: Emit warning if no taskdef exists
      versioneddir.py: Use %02d for month/day
      taskrunner: Fix dequeueing/requeuing of active tasks when complete
      py: Fix task descriptions
      packaging: s/ostree/unprivileged/
      Move kinit/build-monitor under -toolbox namespace
      taskrunner: Remove debug print
      taskrunner: Hardcode treecompose definition
      config: Drop default outputdir
      py: Drop command checking
      py: Introduce taskbase
      imagefactory: Substitute more variables in kickstart
      imagefactory: Fix substitutions to also use @
      imagefactory: Don't hardcode /repo
      imagefactory: Flatten input kickstart
      Use F21 for kickstarts if name contains Fedora, otherwise RHEL7
      Correct name of rpmostree_cache_dir
      treecompose: Update for previous commit
      cloud2ovf: New command to convert qcow2 and wrap with metadata for
      config.ini: Put rpmostree_cache_dir in outputdir by default
      installer: Require output dir specification
      cloud2ovf: Rework by templating a real-world VMWare OVF
      lorax-embed-repo: Stop using extlinux by default
      installer: Save all data from Lorax
      imagefactory: Print working directory for logs
      Clean up ImageFactory code, move IF-specific bits from TaskBase
      imagefactory: We actually export raw images
      lorax-embed-repo: Remove remote configuration for install media
      installer: Support injecting %post scripts
      installer: Replace boot.iso with installer.iso in .treeinfo as
      taskbase: Init repo as archive-z2
      treecompose: Fix looking for versions in empty repositories
      Release 2014.104

Ed Santiago (9):
      Tools for monitoring a message bus
      Fix path to default config file
      script names: fix path and descriptions
      /etc/rpm*.conf back to /etc/sysconfig/
      KRB5CCNAME: take advantage of systemd env
      use systemd instances.
      Restart services on failure.
      Whew! Fix systemd dependencies.
      more systemd: remove RemainAfterExec, enable enable

James Antill (6):
      Use correct paths for srcfiles when in a build dir.
      treecompose: Add version option, with "minor, refresh, cve"
      Fix merge in Makefile, for systemd file renames
      Add skip-or-minor/refresh/cve options for version
      Default to skip-or-refresh for version
      Fail to compose if no version specified, and previous commit had a

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