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[atomic-devel] Porting to GRUB2

extlinux has a simple config file, and that made it much easier to drive
the bootloader configuration from outside.  The whole way
/usr/bin/atomic (using libostree) works is an atomic swap of the
bootloader configuration.

However, current Fedora uses GRUB2, and for UEFI support in particular,
we should unify.

Therefore I'm proposing a patch stack to hard port all targets to GRUB2.
 Bare metal, cloud (and all cloud-like images such as Vagrant).

I uploaded a set of Anaconda patches here:

OSTree patch:

The Anaconda patches are unlikely to make Fedora 21's Anaconda, so what
I'm further proposing is that we target work on CentOS Atomic SIG +
Fedora rawhide.  If we want to still ship something for F21, we could
carry a custom Anaconda.

Any thoughts/objections/etc?

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